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Trapped and isolated you are left clueless on a desert island. Not knowing how you got there, you follow a series of flares placed around the island in order to find out what has happened and what this place is. On your path of discovery, you run into interesting and slightly bizarre characters who tell you what is happening. These characters may not be what you expect...

Making of the Game

This game is a sequel to my previous game 'No Reason'. This game was an assignment in which to create a game with the theme of no reason. I created a very simple game in which I just wanted to make a world with a good atmosphere. I chose a song that i had been listening to and the game just came together from that. There is no real meaning or thought put into it, I just went at it and started creating. In this game, Reason, I wanted to create a more intense feel. This is why I chose this very simple but effective music. I wanted to make a game that was not just all about the story or characters, but a world which is nice to walk around and to look at. This is the reason why I have a lone mountain peak, so you can just stand on top and take it all in while listening to the soothing music. I hope this feeling came to you while playing.

Things I learned

This game is my final assignment for my first year of college. You can see my previous games on my itch page and I think it is pretty obvious that I have come a long way since then. Before this first year of college i had no idea about the tools required to make games but through the constant making of games I have learned some tools that are needed to make something decent. My classmates constantly inspire me to create and they are always making awesome things that give me fresh ideas on what I want to focus on in my games. I am very lucky to be surrounded by great game designers that can give endless feedback on the games I am making. This improves my games so much and I am forever grateful. Hopefully in the coming years i can continue to create and learn and provide games to suit your tastes.

Thanks for reading and playing,


Install instructions

1. Download and save the .zip file.

2. Open and extract the .zip file to anywhere on your computer.

3. Open the extracted folder and start Reason.exe (if on Windows) or Reason.app (if on Mac).

4. Enjoy and have fun exploring!


Reason.zip 35 MB

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